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Re: [pdt-dev] TODO list for the opened file

monloi perez pisze:
Hi All,

How do you filter out the Tasks shown via "TODO" for the currently opened file only? how about for specific folders only.


Hello, I may not ba a PDT developer - but I believe I can help You.

First of all:

click on marked element and choose "Configure contents..."

In window that has opened, you can specify what tags should be included in "Tasks" view. You should create new configuration for each tag - based on existing "TODOs" configuration (just make new configuration and change description in example for "FIXME"). Part that insterest you is "Scope":

   * on any element - all elements in workspace
   * on any element in same project - all elements in active project
   * on selected element only - only file in which is currently active
   * on selected element only and its children - tags from a directory
     in PHP Explorer, or Navigator view that you selected
   * On working set - Tags from selected working set

Hope that I helped  :)

Best regards
Andrzej Leskiewicz


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