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Re: [pdt-dev] Import files into Phpeclipse

Hi Faraz. This mailing list is for the PHP Development Tools (PDT) project, which is different from PHPEclipse.

I can't say with any confidence that this will work in PHPEclipse, but there should be an option in the New Project Wizard to store the project in a location different from the default. When I do this with PDT and point it to an existing folder, it creates the new project in that folder, keeping the original contents intact. If the folder already has Eclipse metadata in it (like a .project file), you should be able to "Import > Existing Projects into Workspace" (be sure to turn off the "Copy Projects into Workspace" option.

I assume that PHPEclipse does something like this (you should probably test it out and do a backup before trying it).



Faraz Khan wrote:
I am trying to use PHPeclipse for my project- the problem is that we all work by mount a NFS share on a remote server. The server has apache,mysql and tons of other software that we require to test our application (openldap,kerberos,cyrus-sasl,etc). When I import files into the project, phpeclipse wants to copy them to my home directory and work from there. This does NOT work for me as the files must be edited on the remote NFS mounted drive for things to work properly. Otherwise I would be publishing to the remote site every time i make the smallest change.

What i want to do is what many other editors support- simply ADD a directory into my project (without copying its contents to the project workspace). Is this possible with PHPEclipse?

Faraz R Khan
Zivios::Open Source Enterprise Management
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