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[pdt-dev] Galileo Simultaneous Release


Good news! Yesterday Michael added PDT to Galileo’s “Confirm Intent” issue. Main reasons for joining the simultaneous release are:

  1. Community voice – PDT is so popular because we are constantly communicating with PHP developers to improve language support. Joining the train, we tight our relations with the Eclipse community that asks for more involvement and synchronization between the teams.
  2. Benefit from Eclipse services – Sometimes we are trying to “invent the wheel” in order to provide various services to PDT. Joining the train, we take advantage of the Eclipse already existing services like EPP, Standards adoption and more.
  3. Stability - PDT 2.x stream is stable enough to be part of the “official” Eclipse release. Joining the train we express our trust in the new infrastructure.
  4. Exposure – PHP is ranked four in the list of popular/used languages. It’s pitiful that eclipse.org/downloads page doesn’t include a PHP bundle. Joining the train we will be able to expose our project to the whole Eclipse community.


So lots of work has to be done, everyone’s help is appreciated especially with the following issues Intent, Communicate, Attendance, Ramp Down Policy, IP, APIs, Message Bundles, Version Numbering, Leverage OSGi, Execution Environment, Signing, Use Jars, Builds, Orbit, Optimization, New & Noteworthy, Work Together, Capabilities, Localization - Babel, Localization - ICU4J?, Branding, Confirm Intent.


Mind the gap, mind the gap!

Roy Ganor

Eclipse PDT Project Lead,

Zend Technologies Ltd.