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[pdt-dev] All-in-one packaging for PDT 2.0 (incorporated into common builder)

I've managed to add all-in-one packaging to the common build system; it
will currently run for win32, macosx-carbon and linux-gtk, if the build type is S or R. Bundles are about 282M each, as they include all the deps fed into the build (including WTP, DTP, and DLTK SDKs). This could be made leaner by feeding in runtimes instead of SDKs; the idea was to bundle up the same reqs used in the build into all-in-one zips.

It still needs testing -- specifically, the linux tar.gz seems
to not have the correct executable bit set for the ./eclipse executable,
and I need to verify that dumping everything into dropins/ will work out
of the box (that is, the features/plugins will all be found and run).

If you'd like to give it a test, there's a few builds on
modeling.eclipse.org you can try -- these are of course not yet the
Official PDT 2.0.0RC1 builds, just candidate test-builds toward that end.


-- Nick Boldt :: JBoss, a division of Red Hat Productization Lead :: JBoss Tools & Dev Studio Release Engineer :: Eclipse Modeling & Dash CBI http://wiki.eclipse.org/User:Nickb