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[pdt-dev] FW: $50 Reward for Debug

I came across this email last night (see below) and I think it is
outrageous - not the fact that this guy asks for 50$, but that the debug
process is too hard for the common PDT developer so he/she is desperate
enough to offer money for this simple task. It should work out of the

Since today there are two debug solutions on top of PDT (XDebug and
Zend), I think that we should expose it from with in downloads/main page
where people are getting their bundles. (see the svn solution as an

Please use this issue to raise more ideas on how to ease the process:

Remember any idea is welcome,
- Roy

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From: exquisitus [mailto:johnywhy@xxxxxxxxx] 
Posted At: Friday, November 14, 2008 1:32 AM
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Conversation: $50 Reward for Debug
Subject: $50 Reward for Debug

$50 reward to walk me through a successful debug session of dotProject
on my 
IIS server.

You'll watch my desktop remotely, and talk me through all steps, by
phone or 
chat or voice chat.

I'm running IIS 6, php 4.4.6, Windows 2000 server, Zend debugger (ok to
xdebug if you prefer)

This includes resolving the issues listed in post "Validate Goes Bad
Changes" and "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException"