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Re: [pdt-dev] Updated PDT 2.0 Plan

Looks great!

Does PDT plan to participate in Galileo!?


I think this would be great!

2008/11/3 Roy Ganor <roy@xxxxxxxx>

Since we still work hard on PDT 2.0 features (PHP Explorer, include path) as well as performing intensive bug fixes, another milestone is required before delivering an official RC.

Following is an updated project plan that better represents our timeline:

ï   2.0 M1 - November 03

ï   2.0 M2 - November 24

ï   2.0 RC1 - December 08

ï   2.0 RC2 - December 14

ï   2.0 RC3 - December 23 (tentative)

ï   2.0 Release - December 29


Please let us know if you see any problem,

Roy Ganor
Team Leader, R&D
tel.    +972-3-7539637
mob. +972-52-3290-754
Zend Technologies Ltd.






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