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Re: [Dltk-dev] Re: [pdt-dev] Extending PHP language toolkit

Hi William,

At the moment the simplest way to go is to inherit your source parser from PDT source parser and register it for PHP nature but with higher priority.
Your code will be called for all files, you should process your PHPAspect files and pass everything else to the super class.

There are plans to extend DLTK core framework with support of the language extensions/dialects but they are not implemented yet.


William Candillon wrote:
Hi Andrey,

It's also my intuition that I don't need my own language toolkit.
However, when I remove the PHPAspect language toolkit I have the
following problem:
- The phpaspect content type is not recognized in the Script Explorer
(it's recognized in eclipse default project explore).
- The phpaspect files are build with php builder and not with phpaspect builder.
Am I missing something in DLTK building model ?

Best regards,


2008/9/20 Andrey Platov <andrey@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hi William,

Do you need to have your own language toolkit? For example in DLTK TCL there
are ITcl and XOTcl subprojects, which extends basic IDE (and language) with
Object-Oriented features. Can you please elaborate on your need for own
language toolkit?

Kind Regards,

P.S. I'm crossposting to dltk-dev

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I'm extending PDT 2.0 and my plugin defines its own language toolkit
extending org.eclipse.dltk.core.AbstractLanguageToolkit.
Unfortunately this disable PHP language toolkit.
Is it possible to make both language toolkit to cohabit ?
If a scripting project can only have one DLTK language toolkit, how
can activate PHP/DLTK extension points (source parser, mixinparser
etc) on my plugin project ?

This issue seems important in order to extend PDT.

Best regards,


William Candillon
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