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[pdt-dev] Re: Painful meta data

Phillipe, Jeff, Wassim,
Thanks to the Board's passing of the revised development process last week, we are now allowed to implement an "inherit from parent" feature in the meta-data and we will. It's about third on the list though, behind some vacation time and then making sure that the infrastructure for Eclipse Summit Europe is working. So expect to see one more set of error messages on October 5th and then, in mid October, we'll implement the "inherit" feature for meta data so that you can set eclipse.jdt as inheriting it's releases from eclipse, etc.

- Bjorn
All subprojects of the Eclipse project are governed by the meta data of the toplevel Eclipse project.
So essentially, we would have to duplicate the same information for each. Given there is no easy way to do so, without going through all forms and filling them separately. This is really painful.
Like duplicating all the history of the various releases is just painfull. I wish there was simply a link to release descriptions in xml form, which I could refer to from multiple pages.

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