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Re: [pdt-dev] Validators problem - Ganymede/PDT 2

I have managed to disable the validation, I believe, by commenting out some lines in the project's .project file. I forget exactly what the lines were, but it was essentially an XML node describing validation.

However, I am still having problems. I had thought that the validation was causing this, but I guess that it is not fully to blame. I am experiencing a freezing of the entire application upon opening a file, lasting anywhere from 5-10 seconds, and an even more severe freezing occurring when I try to navigate the code and/or highlight portions of the code. The mouse freezes, the UI becomes unresponsive (Windows will classify Eclipse as "not responding"), and eventually it will restore itself, but this can take 2-3 minutes to do so.

I have tried many different flavors of the PDT/DLTK, but at this point, Ganymede + PDT 2 is impossible for me. I am thinking I will stick with Europa + PDT 1, unless this is a simple fix, for a couple more months. I have already spent around 6 hours or more downloading, uninstalling, reinstalling, configuring, restarting, searching, reading, and cursing and I really don't have much more time to devote to this.


On Sun, Aug 17, 2008 at 4:10 AM, Roy Ganor <roy@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Ken, thank you for providing this information.


The "as you type" validation is an Eclipse Web Tools mechanism that operates on open editors of html + php content and validates against syntax.

The Dynamic Toolkit validation is provided by DLTK project and we currently doesn't use it in PDT.

The HTML validation page specifies the rules that are checked during validation of html code.

Another validation that may operate is the _javascript_ Validtor if you enable JS support in your project.


Regarding the problem you mention, I guess we should understand which validator runs. It can be done by opening the progress view and see which one operates.



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I apologize in advance if I am making a noob mistake, or if this isn't the proper place to ask this, but I have traced down a severe performance issue with Eclipse+PDT that seems to stem from the HTML validators constantly validating my files. It grinds my machine to a halt, prevents other tasks from starting (tasks that *I* actually want to run), and is just generally annoying. I am trying to disable this functionality, and I know that it's possible because I did so previously with my 3.3/PDT 1.x install.

I imported my preferences from my old setup, which did not disable the validation, so I turned to the Eclipse website where I found the following instructions:


I am now stuck. See attached screenshots for my situation, and also I'm attaching my logfile. Thanks in advance, and please let me know if you need more info.