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RE: [pdt-dev] errors in the nightly build

Great, thank you!


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Subject: Re: [pdt-dev] errors in the nightly build


Hi Roy, I have fixed the build breaks. Sorry about that was using Java 6, not Java 5.

Dave Kelsey

"Roy Ganor" <roy@xxxxxxxx>
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10/08/2008 13:57

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[pdt-dev] errors in the nightly build




The nightly process fails to build the PDT package with these errors:
 [javac] 111. ERROR in /opt/users/phpBuild/src/eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.php.debug.core/src/org/eclipse/php/internal/debug/core/xdebug/dbgp/model/DBGpStringValue.java (at line 70)
 [javac] 114. ERROR in /opt/users/phpBuild/src/eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.php.debug.core/src/org/eclipse/php/internal/debug/core/xdebug/dbgp/model/DBGpTarget.java (at line 1177)
 [javac] 117. ERROR in /opt/users/phpBuild/src/eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.php.debug.core/src/org/eclipse/php/internal/debug/core/xdebug/dbgp/model/DBGpValue.java (at line 124)
 [javac] 135. ERROR in /opt/users/phpBuild/src/eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.php.debug.core/src/org/eclipse/php/internal/debug/core/xdebug/dbgp/session/DBGpSession.java (at line 348)
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