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Re: [pdt-dev] PDT 2.0 and use of encodings for remote debug


Output and Transfer encodings are only applied to variable and output views. Besides that debug process should work as usual.
Is there any specific problem you see with variables containing binary data?


2008/8/6 Dave Kelsey <d_kelsey@xxxxxxxxxx>

I am looking at the various areas where encoding applies and the current configurable options available in PDT 2.0

The output encoding looks like it only applies to output from the php script which will be displayed in the Debug and Browser output views.

The transfer encoding applies to the binary data that flows over the wire (so must be in sync with the encoding used by the debug engine when sending information such as stack frame names, variable names etc). It also looks like the transfer encoding is used to convert php string information to Java.lang.String for display in the variables display.

Is this correct ?

One of the issues I have is that in php strings (ignoring php6 at present) can contain binary or character data. The character data and the encoding that correctly represents that data is known to the php program and could very well be different to the transfer encoding.

A Common problem I see for both Zend and XDebug debug environments is a user may want to have a binary representation of a php string in the debugger or may want to display the string based on a user selected encoding.

Is anyone looking at this issue for PDT 2.0 ? I haven't had the opportunity to investigate it but it seems to me that the solution should be common for any installed debugger.

Dave Kelsey

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