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Re: [pdt-dev] new version pdt can't publish file to server

thanks, spektom
But, I have a new question.
For example:
I have two project proA and proB,proB base proA.
For this, I create a blank project proB and proB publish to same dir with proA.if I want change some file in proA,I copy thme to proB in same dir.
then run proB with the change base proA, I can keep proA not change and all change in proB.
but how can I do it in new version?
and sorry,my English was pretty bad! ~_~!

2008/6/11, Michael Spector <spektom@xxxxxxxxx>:

Publish-to-server option was removed as a not recommended way.
You should use another way of synchronization, like: RSE, shared
folders, Web server alias, etc...

2008/6/11 vprogrammer <vprogrammer@xxxxxxxxx>:
> hello all
> pdt is great I use it good
> but I have a question that:
> new version pdt can't publish file to server
> so now I still use 20070917build because of  I can't find a way to publish
> files to server
> I can't find the publish files to Server option in run->php web page in the
> new version of pdt
> thanks!
> applestar
> 2008-06-10
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