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[pdt-dev] Some dialogs aren't showing me the content

Hi list,

I have problem with my Eclipse-PDT. In same dialogs aren't showing me the content. The pictures shows better what I mean.
And so on.

I don't know how can I resolve this problem. Exist any way how can I resolve this issue ? Is this bug already uncovered ? or I am only one who have this problem because I don't find anything on the net, wiki, google, etc ... My OS is WinXP 64bit, but everything run as 32-bit e.g. Apache 2.2.9, PHP 5.2.6, Eclipse Europa is 32bit too. Everything works fine, but I have problem with Eclipse with some dialog. Can cause this problem graphics drivers ? I have NVIDIA latest drivers.

If anybody have some info about that or info how I can resolve this bothersome problem, psl reply because PDT is unusable for me.

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