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[pdt-dev] 2 New Articles + PDT Bug Day


1. 2 new articles related to Eclipse PDT are proposed. The first one describes the AST DOM and the Model Element structure we use. The second one describes the ASTView that Nir has just released. Please feel free to comment out about the articles and contribute to it, finally it will be released at Eclipse Corner (ok, if you do so - your name will be entitledJ)

2. On this Friday we will have our first Eclipse PDT Bug Day – join this day and help the people out there specially by IRC.

Following is the post from the newsgroup:


Hello there!

If you have ever thought about contributing to Eclipse PDT project, the following two new articles [1][2] are going to help you understand the design of Eclipse PDT as a starting point for development. Although both of the articles are at their final stage, I guess people come with questions so the articles will be fixed over time.

These two articles shed the light and are helpful for people that want to help us in the upcoming Eclipse Bug day [3]. A list of bugs that can be handled by beginners is also attached [4].

[1] Abstract Syntax Tree -

[2] ASTView -

[3] Bug Day -

[4] PDT Bugs for Bug day -

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