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Re: [pdt-dev] PDT & DLTK newer version

It looks like the commit (?) broke the Nightly Build :(.

Rather N17 is the last available build, the pages after that only show the requisites but don't offer any download.



Michael Spector wrote:
Hi Seva,

Since we are still working with integration release from April 1'st,
and our nightly builds are based on this integration release,
adaptation code for DLTK changes that you see in the 1.0M7a has not
been committed yet.

Tomorrow I'll commit all the changes, and we will switch to the 1.0M7a


On 5/17/08, Seva Lapsha <seva.lapsha@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear friends,

I've seen there is a new DLTK stable build 1.0M7a available since May 12th.
Updating to this version causes several compilation errors in PDT because of
several minor changes in DLTK.

When do you plan to switch to this version and fix the issues?

Seva Lapsha

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