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[pdt-dev] Test Debug Server Feature

Hi all.


When creating a new Debug Configuration for ‘PHP Web Page’ configuration, you will find a new button called :

‘Check Debug Server Connection’ .When clicking this button a debug test procedure will run according to the selected ‘Server Debugger’

and the selected ‘PHP Server’.


The test process implementation is done via a new extension point called : org.eclipse.php.debug.ui.debugServerConnectionTest.

In this extension point we can define both the Debugger Type Name (XDebug/Zend Debugger etc..) and the class implementation.

I already added a default debug test implementation for Zend Debugger: org.eclipse.php.internal.server.ui.launching.zend.DefaultDebugServerConnectionTest.


Dave, feel free to add an implementation class for performing a test with XDebug server.

Note that when there’s no extension for the selected debugger type, the button is disabled.


This Feature was added both to HEAD and to R_1_0_3_20080406 branch.



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