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RE: [pdt-dev] variable highlighting

Hi Simon and Nathan,

This feature is called "Mark occurrences" and it will be 
available in PDT 1.1 that is planned to be released on 15-Sep
The code is already committed to the CVS and you can already test it
if you take the nightly 
build from the PDT download site or the last integration build.

Assaf A.

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On 9/10/07, Nathan Nobbe <quickshiftin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> hello all,
> ive been using php-eclipse for some time now.  lately i have been
> experimenting w/ pdt,
> primarily because it offers xdebug integration.
> in php-eclipse (and the java ide)
> when a variable is clicked on it becomes highlighted, then all other
> variables w/ the same identifier
> in the file become highlighted and there are tick marks along the
right hand
> side which indicate the
> location of these variables throughout the file.
> i noticed pdt doesnt have this feature.  is this something that can
> currently be enabled?  if not, is
> this a feature pdt plans to support in a future release?
> thanks,
> -nathan

This is bugging me too. When coding in Java I find it a very useful
feature that increases overall productivity. PHPEclipse does it, so I
don't see why PDT can't.
- SR
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