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RE: [pdt-dev] Can't get PDT to Debug PHP scripts on Win32 using xdebug

Stable builds are builds that are made available prior to the official release. They are usually milestone builds which contain some of the new funtionality that is going into the official release and have had some degree of testing so are considered stable. This allows people to test the new features and provide feedback and defects which can be addressed before next stable release of the official release of that version.

In the PDT page download page currently, stable builds are older than the official release builds. However the page is confusing because 1.0.0 builds are also being labeled as 1.0.2 builds. Basically look at the release builds for the official version releases. If there is a stable build with a newer release date then this is likely to be a milestone build for the next official release.

Dave Kelsey

pdt-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 01/02/2008 14:32:15:

> I thank you for the help. After downloading the 1.0.2 release
> version and adding the xdebug.remote_log lines to my php.ini, I
> discovered that my php.ini files was not properly formatted! I have
> corrected the problems in this file and now can debug PHP in PDT.

> I do have another question: What’s the difference between the 1.0.2
> Release Build and the 1.0.2 Stable Build? The name “Stable Build”
> would imply that it is more stable (that is less likely to crash or
> corrupt) than a “Release Build”; or am I reading something into
> these names that is not really there?

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