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RE: [pdt-dev] schedule for the 1.0.x stream

Hi Dave,


Sorry for the late response, here is our schedule:

PDT 1.0.2 is planned for 16-January. It is already built & tested and we are going to upload it tomorrow to the site.

PDT 1.0.3 will be released from the same branch as PDT 1.0.2 the first week of March and will include bug fixes.

The HEAD is used for PDT 1.1 which will eventually be released on Sep-15 based on Eclipse 3.4

This version 1.1 contains a massive Refactoring of the PHP model to reduce the memory footprint that was used in 1.0

and will include indexing. The implication is that the HEAD will be less stable then the 1.0.* branch in the near future.


Bug fixes should be applied to the 1.0.2 branch and eventually merged also to the HEAD (we actually keep 2 workspaces

one for the branch and another for the HEAD and commit the bug twice instead of accumulating a lot of bugs and then

trying to merge them all which we think will be harder to do)


hope it helps

Assaf A.



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Hi guys,

can someone reply or update the eclipse site with the proposed schedule for the 1.0.x stream ?
It is hard for me to plan what fixes/enhancements I put into this stream (and testing) without knowing the schedule.
I that 1.0.2 was 16th Jan and 1.0.3 was planned for March (but don't know the specific date).

Many thanks
Dave Kelsey


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