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[pdt-dev] PHP ini configuration addition

Hi all,

I've just added a requested feature that allows setting a php.ini per defined executable.

A UI change was made to the PHP Executable edit/wizard dialogs, which now contain an extra (optional) field for a php.ini to be used launching an internal debug session.

The former behavior for the php.ini search was to use the directory the holds the php executable and search there for an ini file. Now, in case that there is an ini directive in the executable definition, we set the defined ini for the execution.

The execution itself still uses the PDT mechanism which copies the ini content to the user temporary directory and adds to it the include paths.

The change affected almost any place that use the php executables, so please test your features to make sure that non was effected (the initial test looks ok).


Attached is a screenshot for the UI change.


Shalom Gibly




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