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[pdt-dev] Debugging on local virtual hosts

I have been trying to set up both the Zend and XDebug debuggers using a local installation of Apache 2, running on Mac OS X 10.4, which has virtual hosts set up so that I can develop and test multiple simultaneous projects. I have read the PDT help files both in Eclipse help and online for setting up the debugger, but can not get debugging to work correctly when attempting to access files that run under a sub domain of localhost, such as project.localhost. I can see that the Zend debugger or XDebug is installed in the phpInfo() when I set them up in the php.ini file. I have made sure to make all the appropriate changes in php.ini as specified in the configuration directions for both debuggers. I also know that I can only have one debugger set up at a time and have made sure this was also the case. I had been able to previously get the Zend debugger to stop at the first line of a file, but not to stop at any other break points that have been set. After attempting to set up the allowed hosts, I eventually received messages saying that either the hosts were not allowed or the connection was refused. I attempted to create an SSH tunnel as I had read in different posts on the subject, but had no success. I had read one mention that was dated saying that there were issues running the Zend debugger on Mac OS X. Has anyone had any success with setting up either of these debuggers locally using sub domains and debugging through Eclipse? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Installation specs:
Apache/2.2.4 (Unix)
Zend Debugger 5.2.10v20070905
PDT 1.0.1v20071001