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RE: [pdt-dev] schedule and process for bug fix release/new versions

Hi Dave,


We released a 1.0.1 integration build yesterday (9-Oct) with 25+ bug fixes. The integration was built from the HEAD.

We plan to release a 1.0.1 Milestone on the 7-8 of November (4 weeks from now), which will include bug fixes.

This milestone will be built from the HEAD.


We will be planning our next major release soon, and then decide on the branches for maintenance.

We will send a preliminary list of enhancements (including some infra changes that we would like to do
to reduce memory footprint for large projects) in the next few weeks and I invite you to send your comments/proposals

As well so we can take them into account.


Kind regards

Assaf A.


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I was wondering what the plan was for a bug fix release for PDT, plus the schedule for the next release ?

I have some bug fixes and new features for the xdebug support and wondered what the time frames were plus the processes to follow for putting new code in, eg everything in HEAD or will there be a bug fix branch ?

Many thanks
Dave Kelsey


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