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Re: [pdt-dev] I want to implement prado framework support for pdt


For now, the only good documentation for PDT is source code.
I suggest starting from acquaintance with provided extension points in
org.eclipse.php.core and org.eclipse.php.ui.

BTW, what kind of Prado support you are planning to achieve? Code completion, wizards, templates, debug support for taglib?

On 10/2/07, mascix <designofgod@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
hello all
   I want to develop prado(http://www.xisc.com/) support for pdt. is there
any document where can I start. I already check out all php parts from cvs.
but there are a lot of things. in near future symfony and other folks would
want to do this too. I think there should be some documentation about it.

thanks in advance

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