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Re: [pdt-dev] PDT in eclipse (Centos)


Glad it worked for you, Ive only just discoverd PDT and eclipse so I am still learning but I think I know what you mean. Ill just let you know how I did it and maybe you can tweak it for you. I added a server (in PHP perspective) via Window>Preferences>PHP>PHP Servers, there should already be a default server here, I just added my apache server, somthing like http://localhost/workspace (SEE BELOW)  workspace is an alias, its not really on the server root.

I created a simple PHP project with one file and opened up the 'Open Run Dialog' box by clicking the arrow next to the run button, and then clicking 'Open Run Dialog'.

Ok, from here there should be an option saying 'PHP Web Page' right click and choose new, you should now see some more options for example, Debugger, PHP Server,  Project, and URL, it is URL you are interested in, so, if you want to open a page via network you should just be able to enter the URL for example : http://localhost/test.php, and this will just open the page up in a browser - not running the project file but the file in the URL, You will have to uncheck 'Auto Generate URL' to enter the location, then press RUN button and the page should open.

Auto Generate automatically adds your current project folder onto the server url for example


Points to note:

I changed the default web browser to use IE by going to Window>Web Browser

ALSO, before I did any of the above I created an alias in httpd.conf to my workspace, I put somthing like this:

Alias /workspace "/path/to/workspace"

<Directory "C:/Documents and Settings/Daniel/workspace">
    Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
    AllowOverride None
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all

You should not need this if you are just opening a file from a network location but i cant be 100% sure, plus, you proably will in the future

I hope this all makes sense

Good Luck.

On 22/09/2007, jom dalina <user101110@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Thanks Dan!

It works for me too.. Anyway, i have been trying to open a file from a network location but i am not successful so far. Is eclipse capable of opening a file from a network? Or i need to copy the files inside the workspace folder?

Daniel Latter <dan.latter@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I too couldnt find it in the create new ... until I opened the PHP Perspective - window>open perspective. not sure about the hanging thing.


On 21/09/2007, jom dalina < user101110@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Need some help guys,

I am having trouble installing PDT on my eclipse.

I have downloaded the all in one package for linux (pdt-all-in-one-1.0-R20070917-linux-gtk.tar.gz) since i am using a Centos 5 OS.

I have successfully run the eclipse but i don't see the PHP option in the create new project. in preferences it does not show up too...

And when i run the software updates, the program hungs up and eventually i ended up killing the pid of it.

Any help will be appreciated.


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