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RE: [pdt-dev] skip break point

Hi guys,
This mailing list is for PDT developer's discussions, please use the newsgroup for those kinds of discussions.

Thanks for the understanding. 

Guy Gurfinkel,
Team Leader, Development Tools

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In reply to Your email 20 września 2007 (14:17:51) napisano:

> Thanks for your suggestion but it doesn't work... in my debug
> configuration the path are ok, no index.php on the file/project, and
> debug works only if I check break at first line on breakpoint.

What values do you have in file/project and url fields?

> Other options in advanced and common tab?

Nothing special. I've checked "Debug All Pages". Everething else is
set do default.

> Do you place dummy.php in your http://localhost/projectname/ ?

No. Only in server document root (http://localhost/)

Adrian Ziolkowski

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