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Re: [pdt-dev] skip break point


In reply to Your email 20 września 2007 (13:44:12) napisano:

> I downloaded today PDT 1.0, I use PHP 4.4.1 with ZendDebugger 5.2.10 on
> a remote linux server with apache2.
> I've configured the PDT on my local PC and I can debug step by step only
> if I check the flag at Break at First Line. If I don't check this option
> the debugger skip my break points and I don't know why...

> Where do i have to fix this? Thank you

I've had same issue. Make sure that in your debug configuration
"File/Project" and "URL" fields have correct values.

In my case it was
1. Incorrect:
File/Project: /projectname/index.php
URL: http://localhost/projectname/

2. Correct:
File/Project: /projectname/
URL: http://localhost/projectname/

Adrian Ziolkowski