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[pdt-dev] How to change the auto-gen phpdoc and ${date}, ${time} format in code template variables?

Hi , I'm a new one here to use PDT instead of Zend Studio. Sorry for
my poor English, I hope you all can understand what i'm saying....

I love the code template feature, but there is a question that ,  the
formats of ${time},${date} in template variables are not suitable in
my code specfications.
For example , i prefer 24hr to 12hr which with a local AM/PM
presentation ( in Chinese, those are two Chinese charactors. ). I want
to know how to change the date/time format in the variables , or it
'll be a new feature in the future version of PDT ?

The similar format problem occured in the auto-gen phpdoc comments ,
which can do following : Outline -> Right Click on ClassName -> Source
-> Add PHP Doc.

Sincerely expecting for response , thanks .

>From Rodin at Beijing, P.R.China.