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Re: [pdt-dev] xdebug breakpoints

i believe thats the tip i was looking for.
in my current setup the webserver is on a remote machine.
perhaps ill try nfs.



On 9/11/07, Dave Kelsey <d_kelsey@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Are you debugging a web page or standalone script ?

If it is a web page, the currentl M3 build of XDebug did not have any path mapping capability
so you must ensure that your web server document root location points to you PDT workspace
in order for breakpoints to work.

Dave Kelsey

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[pdt-dev] xdebug breakpoints

hello all,

lately ive been using pdt to work w/ xdebug2.  i have been able to use the interactive debugging,
however i cannot get the breakpoints to work.
i assume if i were to set a breakpoint and press the 'play' button the scripts would progress until
the breakpoint was reached (provided the breakpoint was in the execution path of the particular
run) however this doesnt work for me.
is anyone out there familiar enough w/ xdebug2 and pdt to possibly point me in the right direction?
i am happy to share all my configuration details on both server and client and describe how im using
the pdt client in detail.


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