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Re: [pdt-dev] variable highlighting

On 9/10/07, Nathan Nobbe <quickshiftin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> hello all,
> ive been using php-eclipse for some time now.  lately i have been
> experimenting w/ pdt,
> primarily because it offers xdebug integration.
> in php-eclipse (and the java ide)
> when a variable is clicked on it becomes highlighted, then all other
> variables w/ the same identifier
> in the file become highlighted and there are tick marks along the right hand
> side which indicate the
> location of these variables throughout the file.
> i noticed pdt doesnt have this feature.  is this something that can
> currently be enabled?  if not, is
> this a feature pdt plans to support in a future release?
> thanks,
> -nathan

This is bugging me too. When coding in Java I find it a very useful
feature that increases overall productivity. PHPEclipse does it, so I
don't see why PDT can't.
- SR