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RE: [pdt-dev] Memory usage?

First let's please cut down on the warning comments, for example, "I'm
eventually going to stop using it...". If our project has deficiencies,
point them out, and we'll fix them or get a new design. 

Now, on to your memory problems. Can you tell us how many files each
project has? And what is the proportion of HTML (vs. PHP files)? Can you
identify a problematic project (maybe with complex class structures)?
How many editors do you use regularly? 

Please understand that we should define the memory problem and try to
isolate it so we will be able to fix it in our next releases. Maybe we
can conduct some changes in the way we represent the source and the
editor content and by that reduce the memory usage.


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I've been a PDT user for more than a month now, and while I think it's
pretty good overall (especially considering it has not reached v1.0
yet), the memory requirements are starting to drive me nuts. When
running PHP projects Eclipse keeps burning more and more memory as I
keep it running. I have about 6 projects total in my workspace, and
usually not more than 3 are open at a time, and memory usage regularly
reaches above 500MB daily. At that point I usually restart Eclipse
because everything goes to swap hell since my station has 1GB of RAM,
which is usually sufficient for my needs, but PDT throws that out of
the window. Are there any significant memory use optimizations coming
soon in PDT? If not I'm eventually going to stop using it because the
current situation is almost unacceptable.

(Running under Gentoo Linux with Sun's 1.6.0 JVM)

- SR
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