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Re: [pdt-dev] Memory usage?

I had a similar problem and noticed that the spelling had been turned on after updating at some point. After turning it off everything went smoothly, perhaps that's the problem in your case as well?

/Niklas Nilsson

Simon Roby wrote:
I've been a PDT user for more than a month now, and while I think it's
pretty good overall (especially considering it has not reached v1.0
yet), the memory requirements are starting to drive me nuts. When
running PHP projects Eclipse keeps burning more and more memory as I
keep it running. I have about 6 projects total in my workspace, and
usually not more than 3 are open at a time, and memory usage regularly
reaches above 500MB daily. At that point I usually restart Eclipse
because everything goes to swap hell since my station has 1GB of RAM,
which is usually sufficient for my needs, but PDT throws that out of
the window. Are there any significant memory use optimizations coming
soon in PDT? If not I'm eventually going to stop using it because the
current situation is almost unacceptable.

(Running under Gentoo Linux with Sun's 1.6.0 JVM)


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