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[pdt-dev] PDT and ATF together

Hey Guys,

First of all! Congratulations for this spectacular work!!! I'm using PDT for the last year and this is a really great tool! As I'm not sure the source of the problem I'm experiencing, I'm duplicating here a message that I post in the ATF mailing.

I'm using Eclipse ATF (version 0.2.3M3) and PDT (PHP Development Tools version S20070815-M2). Until the last release of the ATF and PDT, using these 2 plugins together was fine, but I'm experiencing some problems using the latest ATF together with the latest PDT. The problem is, if i'm inside a PHP project I can't view the advanced features of the JS files (code outline, syntax validation, etc). And if I'm inside a _javascript_ project, I can't use PHP advanced features.

I'm trying to create a project that uses both PHP and JS files. It is possible to create a kind of mixed-project or something so I can use the advanced features of both?

Thanks in Advance,

Pedro Simonetti