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RE: [pdt-dev] Adding custom underlines in the PDT editor

Hi William,
On every user typing (actually on every few types) we run a process that
parses our files, finds the syntax errors and adds annotations to the
(Look at org.eclipse.php.internal.ui.editor.validation.PHPHTMLValidator
function called fileDataChanged)
Currently we are using our own scheduler to activate this process but we
are now working on using the reconciling mechanism.
Another process is using the builders mechanism (on every file save or
rebuild) this process adds Markers to the files.

Hope it helps.

Guy Gurfinkel,
Team Leader, Development Tools

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The red underlines marking errors in the PDT editor seem to be
independent of the builders defined in the php project (there is still
red underlines marking errors even if I disable all builders.
Can someone give me more information about how things work behind the
scene ?

I would like to know that in order to add/remove my own underline

Best regards,


William Candillon
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