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[pdt-dev] Major changes in the build mechanism of PDT

Title: Major changes in the build mechanism of PDT


Ive made a major change in PDT that I wanted to share with you in case any of you have feedback.

Ive changed the way that the project models are being loaded on startup, till today we used Eclipse building mechanism in order to do so,

But from now on were going to use our own WorkspaceJob (running with buildRule).

Since we are not using build mechanism now, other components in PDT cant relay on the fact that full build will run on startup.

Another issue that I dealt with was propagating an event after the project model was being constructed; in that case we used IWorkspaceModelListener. projectModelChanged(). Till now this event wasnt in use (due to a bug in the logic), and now this event will be fired after the model load or full build.

I have changed all IWorkspaceModelListener implementers to act according to the new protocol.


Guy Gurfinkel,

Team Leader, Development Tools