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Re: [pdt-dev] Download sites all unavailable

Title: Re: [pdt-dev] Download sites all unavailable

Thank you for your input, we are looking into the problem.
http://download.eclipse.org/tools/pdt/updates/” is meant to be used through the eclipse update manager, and it works. You get the 404 message when opening it from the browser.
As for the mirrors not working – it is eclipse policy not to mirror Nightly and Integration builds. Since our project is still in the Incubation phase, most of our builds are still integration builds.

Hope this helps you,

On 7/31/07 12:29 PM, "Jean-Noël Rivasseau" <elvanor2007@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:



says that page is unavailable


says 404 File not found...

This means I cannot install the PDT plugin on a fresh Eclipse install. Personally for me PDT downloads have *always* been hectic for the last 6 monthes. Eclipse mirrors don't work, today even the official site is down.

You should really attempt to fix that as I believe it is hurting the project.


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