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[pdt-dev] How to debug with newest Release ?

Hello there!

So far I used the Zend Studio and (an old) Zend Platform to work with and debug PHP applications. But now I'd like to do it with PDT (which is a very cool free environment as far as I can judge this).

However, I am not sure how to start debugging now. With Zend I used the internal browser, surfed around in my local application, and when time had come I just marked that the next page should go through the debugger (which helped me a lot because I could get all the $_GET $_POST etc. stuff by this). First of all I'd like to know if this is even possible with PDT + Zend Debugger /XDebug.

For now I downloaded the newest build, including the Zend debugger plugin, from the Zend page (I downloaded this one: http://downloads.zend.com/pdt/all-in-one/pdt-1.0.0.S20070611-M1_debugger-5.2.6.v20070507-all-in-one-win32.zip ). Yes, I am using Windows XP for this. So what I would need to know now is how I can really start debugging. Do I really need the Zend Platform for this job ? Or can I use an existing XAMPP installation ? And what exactly will I have to do to get it going?

Thanks for your help,