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[pdt-dev] PDT is rebuilding projects at startup: bug or feature?


Since 0.7 releases early this year PHPDT picked up new bad habit: when
Eclipse is restated all PHP projects are being rebuilt. "Progress"
window show "Building php projects" status with "compiling xxxxxx.php"
sub-status, going over each php file.

This seem not to be happening with PHPDT 0.6 or previous versions, but
Im not completely sure of that.
Observed with Eclipse 3.2 and 3.3.
Seems like PHPDT is losing the build status after Eclipse is restarted.

For contrast, Eclipse Java development tools and even Phpeclipse don't
rebuild projects when you restart Eclipse, compiled status is kept
somewhere in cache.

I have 5 PHP projects in workspace, 3 of them have full Zend Framework
and about 15 Pear packages. When I restart Eclipse it builds for about
15-20 minutes. During building Eclipse is unusable and I just have to
wait for it to finish. (2GHz core duo/2GB RAM)
Any comments?