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[pdt-dev] Bug: Refresh of PHP Explorer


We're having problem using PHPDT it seems to be related to subclipse
SVN plugin. The php Explorer window refreshes after each keypress in

Observed with PHPDT M7, 1.0.0.HEAD.79
Eclipse 3.2 beta, Ecipse 3.3.
Subclipse 1.2.2, 1.2.3

Step to reproduce:
- Check out project form SVN
- Open "PHP Explorer" window
- Select and Open PHP file in PHP Editor
- Type the source code.
- When you type something in PHP source, the "PHP Explorer" window
refreshes after each keypress. The SVN information (date, user, etc)
written after filename disappear and being redrawn after each

- Observed in many combinations of above eclispe,phpdt and subclipse versions. - Eclipse and subclipse work fine with Java development tools. Problem appears ONLY when editing PHP files in PHP editor.