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[pdt-dev] How to make code assist of functions automatically?

Hello, everyone. I am using PDT to develop a web site based on Drupal (hope you know it). Before this I use Zend studio. It's good but not free. Now I convert to PDT and it seems that everything is not bad:)

But I have a problem. In Zend studio when you type a letter, all functions start with this letter will be listed automatically. I like this very much. But in PDT I have to use a shortcut to get the list (seems Alt + "/" by default). I have tried to change some settings in PDT but did not get it work. I found some where I can add the trigger but it is too short that only supports 4 letters/symbols so I cannot give 26 letters...

Is there anyway to get it automatic?

BTW: another problem is there are many build errors for some Drupal core files. They are definitely correct. So does this mean some improvements are needed for PDT?