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[pdt-dev] moving to Junit4

Our unit testing infrastructure is now based on Junit4, the nightly build will use it from now on.


Junit4 brings many advantages as you can read on www.junit.org.

Please note:

  1. The type of a unit test must have an annotation of @GUITest @HeadlessTest or @BareTest (for the test runner to know what to load it with)
  2. The test methods should be tagged as @Test
  3. You can also use the new annotation/syntax - @Ignore, @Parameterized and @Test(expected=Exception.class)


We are a bit pioneers on this issue so if you have any problem under our project we will have to solve it locally.



Roy Ganor

Software Engineer, R&D

tel.   +972-3-7539637

mob. +972-52-3290-754