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[pdt-dev] still stuck in noobie question...

As you can see below I got some great advice on my (still nasty) newbie question. Using this information I was able to add ftp and WebDAV plugins and to connect to my remotes sites. I was also able to import files from these sites to my local workstation, BUT when I try to open one of the imported files I get an error message that there was an error and to check the error log. Empty windows are added to the UI, but they are (of course) of not much use :-) I checked the files and they are downloaded, without errors and editable by other text editors.

   where is the error log?
   how do i get eclipse to open the files


Gadi Goldbarg wrote:
Hi Steve,

The way of working with ftp in eclipse is quite similar to Source
control. (and not directly on the server).

Please see some instructions in the attached document.


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... is there a way to make an ftp connection to a web server and edit files "directly" on the server? i found an interface for adding web servers, but i wasn't able to get local copies of the files on the site.
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