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[pdt-dev] Rebuild doesn't work

Hi all,

I have been using PDT for a pretty while now, and i recently installed the latest stable build at work (i had the latest version at home), but somehow none of the code-insight functions work; no outline, no tooltips, no autocompletion, etc, etc.

I installed it in a separate folder than the previous version i had installed (eclipse 3.1 / phpeclipse) and i created a new workspace. To be exact; i moved (not copied) eclipse 3.1 to a folder eclipse-backup and installed 3.2 / pdt in the eclipse folder again so i wouldn't have to change any shortcuts or whatever. I have no extra plugins installed.

I should also mention that i tested this in projects i imported from the previous version of eclipse i had running.

Anyone any idea where i can look to fix this?