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RE: [tools-pmc] RE: [pdt-dev] Deskzilla license key for the PDT


(1) Deskzilla does not replace Bugzilla as the bug tracking system,
    the bugs are still stored in the Bugzilla repository.
(2) Deskzilla is used as a viewer to the Bugzilla bug tracking system
    and performing actions like "Reassign", "Mark as closed" etc'
    are applied to the Bugzilla and reflected whether you look at
    the Bugs list through Bugzilla web-interface or Deskzilla desktop

Therefore I don't understand why it should matter to anyone which tool
I am using to view the bug list and perform actions on them as long as 
anybody using Bugzilla (or Deskzilla) can see it and the bugs storage is
kept in a single (open source/free) repository.

Assaf Almaz
Zend Technologies.

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Yes. Exactly :-)

Like I said, we (the EMO and Board) are working on a policy to clarify

The line is somewhat fuzzy, but where it is currently drawn is along the
lines of tools which are used in the *shared* development process which
not broadly or generally available. Scarce availability to those tools
create an impediment to the involvement of contributors and/or new
committers in a project. So Windows XP, Outlook and Internet Explorer
not issues. One could easily assert that they are either (a) massively
available to most professional developers and/or (b) easily replaced
open source equivalents (Linux, Firefox, Thunderbird). In any case, the
those particular tools are not directly involved in the software
chain or process. The tools are more problematic are things like
testing frameworks, issue tracking/management, code generation tools,
managers and the like. In scenarios where the team uses proprietary
tools of
those types in the production and release processes

I would encourage everyone with an opinion on this topics to make it
to the committer board reps so that your viewpoints can be duly
in the board discussions.

Mike Milinkovich
Office: +1.613.224.9461 x228
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> Hi Mike could you explain more.
> I "use" Windows XP when running Eclipse to do CDT development. I use
> Microsoft's Internet Explorer to look at bugzillas. I use Outlook to
> read
> and send mails to the CDT mailing list. There are many occurrences of
> Eclipse developers using commercially-licensed products in conjunction
> with
> work on Eclipse projects. Could you explain the exact policy and where
> the
> line is drawn?
> Thanks,
> Doug Schaefer, QNX Software Systems
> Eclipse CDT Project Lead, http://cdtdoug.blogspot.com
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> Subject: [tools-pmc] RE: [pdt-dev] Deskzilla license key for the PDT
> I hate to be a party pooper, but the use of commercially-licensed
> products
> (even "free" ones) is currently not allowed within projects at the
> Eclipse
> Foundation. The EMO and the Board is working on a policy statement on
> this
> which might change that position. But that is the current status quo.
> I would also like to point out that for those interested in tighter
> Eclipse
> IDE integration with Bugzilla that if you have not yet tried Mylar,
> really should.
> Mike Milinkovich
> Executive Director
> Eclipse Foundation, Inc.
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> Subject: [pdt-dev] Deskzilla license key for the PDT
> Hi all,
> Attach please find a license key for anyone that is using Deskzilla
> with the
> PDT project.
> Shalom Gibly
> Zend
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> From: Igor Sereda [mailto:sereda@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2007 3:57 PM
> To: Shalom Gibly
> Subject: RE: License request
> Hi Shalom,
> Sorry for delayed reply. If I understand correctly, PHP IDE project is
> using
> Eclipse Bugzilla, right? I am attaching a public license of new format
> for
> all Eclipse projects. This license requires Deskzilla 1.3, released
> recently.
> Feel free to share the license key with anyone interested or post it
> the
> web. The license allows any number of users, and it is locked to URL
> Eclipse Bugzilla. If in the future an URL changes, please let me know
> and
> I'll create another license key.
> Thanks for using Deskzilla!
> Best regards,
> Igor

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