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[pdt-dev] [FAQ] add description and differentiation from phpeclipse.de

Thank you for the work you all are doing on Eclipse.

May I suggest some documentation?

On the FAQ page
(Answer 5, make suggestion)
please someone correct the link to the "PDT mailing list" - it is pointing to the non-existent php-dev instead of pdt-dev.
Same link under (answer 3).

On the PDT FAQ page please elaborate Answer 1.
Maybe it is clear for you developers what you intend to produce under the name
"a fully functional PHP Integrated Development Environment framework"

For me the phrase is rather a collection of catchwords.

I suppose PDT is going to be:
- a editing environment with
  o syntax highlighting
  o formatting tools
  o auto completion
  o error checking
- test environment with
  o JUnit integration
  o debugging support
- Integration with Web-browser to show effect of changes
- support for
  o versioning
  o collaboration
  o deployment

On the PDT FAQ page (and/or other pages) I should like to see how PDT differentiates itself from the PHPeclipse project (http:// www.phpeclipse.de).
(The PHPeclipse project seems to have come to a standstill in 2006.
I was a happy user of PHPeclipse up to an Eclipse update (I think 3.1) after which I could not get my web-pages to display in the PHPbrowser.)

Is PDT going to be a successor to PHPeclipse? Or is it something different?

Thanks again
	Thomas Schmid

Thomas Schmid
Streulistrasse 85
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