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Re: [pdt-dev] PDT 1.0

On 3/29/07, Yossi Leon <yossi@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Phillip,


That's a very important feedback about the 20070226 integration build. From quality stand point it was suppose to be the most stable one.

Can you please provide more details?


We will provide another integration build which will include all bug fixes next week and it will be 0.7 RC3.


(This is a re-send cause I got a bounce back from the last attempt)

I haven't gotten a night to actually work yet (the latest one I downloaded -- just plugin -- complains of missing dependencies). However, Eden Klein is the one that pointed out there is a known issue with the latest Integration build and suggested to use the nightly or, as others suggested, move back to RC2.

There's an email in the list from me about this (note, it's Philip with one "L" ;)) dated on March 27.

Quite simply, it's auto-formatting and really messing up the auto-format. It will auto chop a line at 80 columns when you paste text and when you try to undo, it does not properly undo the changes. The () also don't match properly. I can type: strstr() and what would happen is this: strstr()) -- this is because PDT puts in the final ) and doesn't recongize when I hit ) and auto jump to the end of line (like it does in RC2).


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