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Re: [pdt-dev] PDT, Auto-formatting?

On 3/27/07, Eden Klein <eden@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Phillip,


We know about the bug and it was fixed.

You can update your PDT version with the last nightly build here:


Otherwise you can wait for the next RC

We appreciate your feedback




Thanks, I'll check out the nightly build. I followed Adrian's advice and reverted back to the Stable version and it did fix the issue. Got a bit frustrating as I swore I did that earlier, and it still showed 20070221 (I "reverted" by redoing the all-in-one download). This time, I grabbed the stable plug-in and just reverted the version within Eclipse.

I, like Adrian, am curious what happened with the Integration builds. You were pumping them out weekly for a couple months there. Now there hasn't been an update in weeks, leaving a very buggy version for others to gain frustration over. If anything, there should have been a new version out almost immediately to counter the big bugs within that version.


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