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[pdt-dev] PDT, Auto-formatting?

Something is messing up, big time, with PDT in Eclipse. I'm using Eclipse 3.2.2 with PDT RC2 - 20070221. For some reason, beyond my control, the code keeps auto-formatting itself at the 80 column width when I copy/paste code and it's more than just "irking" me. It's really peeving me off. To make matters worse, when I cntl-z the revert is completely messed up -- only a partial revert, even partial words.

This is starting to seriously hinder my development. Help! How can I turn this "feature" off? I've looked everywhere and nowhere did I find any functionality that says "auto-format" code or even "auto-return" at 80 characters. I hate it, and it's really twisting my chain.


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