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Re: [pde-ui-dev] Get Information from other Eclipse plugins

hi Paul,
this is the PDE-UI developers list, and you'd better ask on Eclipse platform newsgroup, or since you refer to some Web development details, even on the webtools newsgroup. (see

Having said that, you'd have to figure out how to recognize JSP projects from other projects. They probably have some webtools nature (see in .project file inside your project). WTP also uses their facets API to mark projects using JSP, Struts, etc. You should have a look at how they implemented that and probably use this WTP facets API to find out JSP projects. Similarly with finding out server details - this must be in WTP APIs, however I don't know that area very well.

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From: "Paul El Khoury" <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <pde-ui-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 2009-05-06 15:34
Subject: [pde-ui-dev] Get Information from other Eclipse plugins

Dear all,
I would like to create an eclipse plug-in that using information from other plug-ins perform some tasks.
-          I am creating a Java project in order to write some JSP code. The Apache Server, jdk and other are well configured in eclipse.
-          In the eclipse plug-in that I created I need to get those information:
o   The project is JSP
o   Its configuration is Apache Server, JDK…
-          The last step would be for me to do the tasks that I want…
I would be grateful for any help in this manner.
Thanks in advance,
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