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[pde-ui-dev] launch from new run configuration tabs

Dear all, how are you?

I'm trying to develop a new Eclipse plug in that enhances MTJ's plug
in features.
So far, I was able to create a new run configuration tabs using the
following extension point:

I developed all the tabs need to hold/persist the additional
configuration needed; however, I couldn't figure out how Eclipse
framework calls the underlying plug in with the appropriate
configuration previously entered by the user in the run configuration
tabs. Please, May someone know how it work?Or Where can I find some
documentation explaining how it work?

I've been searching on Eclipse API, but I wasn't able to figure out
how to make Eclipse framework call the appropriate source code with
all information filled in by the user on the new configurations tab
when the user hits the "run" button . Should I register any kind of

I appreciate any help you can give me,

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