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Re: [pde-ui-dev] Project overview visualization in Eclipse


you might want to take a look at Zest (, which is tailored to visualization and integrates very well with Eclipse. It follows the JFace viewer pattern, which makes it quite easy to use if you already know JFace. 

You might also have a look at Prefuse (, which can produce fancier graphics than Zest can (currently) produce. Prefuse is highly interactive, which might be what you are looking for. However, Prefuse is not natively integrated with Eclipse, so you need to use the SWT_AWT bridge to integrate it. Here is a screencast showing how to use it in Eclipse:

If you only need visualization and no interactivity, you can use GraphViz (, which has some quite useable auto-layouting algorithms.

As you already pointed out, GMF is aimed at creating graphical editors and thus might not be the right choice for what you try to achieve.


BTW: you might consider using the Eclipse IRC channels ( or the newsgroups ( for asking questions like this ;-)

On 27.10.2008, at 14:32, Yurukov, Boyan wrote:


I have several tools that together form an information integration environment. My goal is to write a plugin that shows an overview of the whole process. It needs to show a graph containing all the integrated elements like datasources, ontologies, web services and so on. Each element should be clickable revealing statistics, additional information and commands. There are different connections between then that should also be clickable. Also the user should be able to change the view, hiding some elements and expanding others. In such cases the elements should automatically reorder themselves on the screen.

Could someone suggest an framework I could use. I an exploring GMF right now, but it seems more editor-oriented. I need just the visualization part. I would appreciate any help.

Boyan Yurukov.

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